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Masters in Engineering (MEng) Multidisciplinary Project

University of Toronto (UofT) Master’s of Engineering (MEng) Multidisciplinary Project (MMP) is a graduate-level course that provides UofT MEng students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to address technical research challenges for practical engineering projects of multidisciplinary nature. This course also aims to provide the visibility and recognition to all internal/external clients (e.g. research centres/labs, companies and external partners, etc.) as well as faculty members on the capabilities and potential of the UT-IMDI to perform multidisciplinary projects at the graduate-level to satisfy the client’s business and research needs.


MEng Multidisciplinary Project

Want to participate in a MEng Multidisciplinary Project?

  1. Available projects can be viewed on Blackboard/Portal.  Please go to , and search for "MEng Multidisciplinary Project" in organizations.
  2. Students interested in a particular project may inquire with their graduate program office/graduate coordinator for information on the designated faculty supervisor and how to apply.
  3. Students contact the faculty supervisor to apply for the project, and may be asked for a resume, transcripts, and/or an in-person interview.
  4. For any general inquiries regarding the course, please contact the UT-IMDI office at