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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the nearest employment office?

The Government of Canada employment offices are now called Service Canada Centres. Our Find a Service Canada Office tool will help you find services close to your home. You can file for Employment Insurance or review job opportunities online on the Job Bank website.

How do I file for Employment Insurance?

Consult the Employment Insurance regular benefits page for information about whether or not you are eligible to receive EI benefits and, if so, how much you are entitled to receive. You have to file your EI claim online.

How do I get a Record of Employment to apply for Employment Insurance?

If your employers issue ROEs in paper format, you must request ROEs from all your employers who issued ROEs in paper format in the last 52 weeks. However, if your employer submits your ROEs to Service Canada electronically, you do not need to request a paper copy of your ROE from your employer since we will receive it electronically from your employer. On the same day your employer submits it, you will be able to view and print copies of your ROEs online using My Service Canada Account.

If you are having difficulty obtaining your ROE(s) from your employer(s), we can help. Contact us at 1-800-206-7218 or go to your Service Canada Centre. One of our agents will advise you how the ROEs can be obtained or what is needed to calculate your claim.