Industry Sponsored Projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I apply for the industry sponsored projects, will I be contacted?

Applicants will be contacted only if a company wishes to conduct an interview. Applicants are not to contact any clients directly. All communication prior to hiring will be facilitated through the UT-IMDI office.

I'm in 4th year and graduating in June, can I apply to UT-IMDI?

No.  All IMDI students need to maintain student status throughout the duration of their project.  Second and Third year Engineering students can apply to the projects that are specifically for undergraduate students.

If I am hired, am I an employee of UT-IMDI or the external company?

Successful candidates are hired by UT-IMDI.  However, some work on site of the external UT-IMDI partner.  Once hired, students are expected to report on the status of their projects to the Director of UT-IMDI.

I am an undergraduate student, am I still able to work with the company while I'm taking classes?

Undergraduate UT-IMDI Industry sponsored projects are offered from May to August.