Multidisciplinary Capstone course

Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Project (APS490Y)

The Multidisciplinary Capstone Design course is a unique, full academic year capstone design course offered by University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.  All projects are sourced from an industry client for whom the project represents a real business need.  They are also explicitly multidisciplinary in nature.  Successfully completing the project requires that students integrate skills and knowledge from across multiple engineering disciplines.

More information and videos from Design Showcase


Application Process

Statement of Interest (not to exceed 300 words)

This statement should clearly assert your interest in participating in the course. The APS490Y course will provide you the opportunity to work with students from other Engineering programs. Please include the Engineering disciplines that you wish to collaborate with for the APS490Y project.


We also require a professionally written resume as part of application process for Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Course (APS490).

Please be aware that your submitted documents will be shared with the U of T engineering programs’capstone coordinators and MCP external clients for the selection process.
All of the above mentioned documents should be submitted online with your application by March 30, 2015.

However, late applications can be submitted at any time before Sept. 7, 2015.  Late applications may be rejected, if the quota of students has been filled. For those applications submitted by March 15, 2015, decisions regarding admission will be e-mailed before April 30, 2015.


Please contact Professor Behdinan at