Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation

Overview of UT-IMDI Programs

The University of Toronto Institute for Multidisciplinary Design & Innovation (UT-IMDI) provides excellent opportunities for clients to participate and engage with academia.

Interested in Participating?

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Your organization can get involved in the following:

UT-IMDI Programs

Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Course (APS490)

The Multidisciplinary Capstone Design Course is a unique, full academic year capstone design course offered by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. All projects are sourced from an industry Client for whom the project represents a real business need. All projects are also explicitly multidisciplinary in nature – successfully completing the project requires that students integrate skills and knowledge from across multiple engineering disciplines.


MEng Multidisciplinary Project Course (APS 1801/02/03)

The University of Toronto MEng Multidisciplinary Project (MMP) offers UofT MEng students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to address the technical research challenges of a practical engineering project that requires multidisciplinary expertise. The MMP also aims to expose internal/external clients to the University of Toronto Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation (UT-IMDI), as an avenue for accessing MEng students to work on multidisciplinary projects, to satisfy clients’ business and research needs. UT-IMDI seeks to create an environment in which students of all engineering disciplines collaborate to address the needs of a client.


Industry Sponsored Projects

UT-IMDI provides a unique Project Based Learning (PBL) environment in partnership with industry.  U of T Engineering undergraduate and graduate students are offered real-life training opportunities through our PBL environment.  These students gain valuable hands on experience that goes beyond the curriculum.  Students are jointly supervised by U of T engineering faculty, graduate student mentors, and senior technical staff within the company. 


Why should you and your organization should participate?

Introduce innovative concepts and improvement into your organization
Obtain solutions to key design issues
Leverage technical and theoretical multidisciplinary knowledge
Identify potential employees for your organization
Build longer-term relationship with UofT Faculty of Engineering
Gain access to expertise of UofT Engineering faculty members
Address problems requiring infusion of talented resources from multiple disciplines

Selection Criteria for Projects

High Value of the Project to the Partner Organization

The project should have the potential for real, positive impact on the organization or its clients. Multidisciplinary projects often address an engineering design problem or challenge that the organization needs resolved, but may not have the resources or knowledge to complete on their own.

Appropriate Level of Risk to the Partner Organization

The project should not unduly expose the organization or its clients to downside risk should there be any delays or failure to deliver on the part of the students.

High Relevance of Project to Students

In order to provide each student with the opportunity to apply their disciplinary skills and knowledge, UofT Multidisciplinary Capstone Design course seeks projects that span at least two engineering disciplines

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