"Our experience with UT-IMDI has been extremely positive. The overall quality of the students has been very good and their ability to quickly integrate into the organization and work within it has been a noticeable characteristic. One of the advantages to us is that using UT-IMDI students is that we can have 100% dedication to each project and they give us the ability to look at problems from different perspectives."

Omar El Moghany, UT-IMDI Student Alumni

"I am much  clearer on the paths and the direction of my general career that I will take in the future because of the sponsored and collaborative projects that I had a privilege to be placed in by UT-IMDI.  I had the opportunity to take upon on two different projects at Pratt and Whitney Canada in two consecutive summers of the years 2014 and 2015.  Each project was under a different department. They were the rotating structures and aerodynamics departments.  From  my great experiences at each department, I am now able to decide how to shape my career.  I, now, know what I would like to pursue and what disinterests me because of the opportunities that UT-IMDI had offered me."