Design Nexus

The UofT Institute for Multidisciplinary Design and Innovation (IMDI) - Design Nexus is directed to strengthening the capabilities of researchers and graduates of U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering (FASE) in the marketplace through creative and practical value-added engineering translational research and design. The Design Nexus focuses on sponsored leading-edge research and design projects to further promote interdisciplinary and collaborative research practices in an intuitive framework which would pave the path to adaptive training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) at UofT. Various domains of engineering collectively contribute towards developing functional prototypes for solutions that address important problems in advanced manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, and nuclear industries.

The UT-IMDI Design Nexus aims to foster many advisory-recognized project initiatives brought in by external and internal clients and partners with the research centres and institutes to provide solutions at the Technology Readiness Levels of 3 and beyond. The Design Nexus also benefits from the expertise and resources available within FASE.

Partners & Resources

The Advanced Research Laboratory for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures (ARL-MLS) specializes in leading edge research in multidisciplinary design, analysis, optimization, manufacturing, testing of advanced multifunctional materials & lightweight structures, with applications to aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and nuclear components and systems. Ambitious innovative design and development goals are increasingly challenging current simulation and testing capabilities.